Expense Calculator

This simple software was developed using a freeware BASIC Language compiler named Rapidq.  This Software can be used to maintain and keep track of your day-to-day expenses on a Monthly basis. Or this can be used for each individual accounts you may have. All the more, this is just to sum up your expenses or accounts. One more feature is that it gives you a summary of each account / file you create. I hope this will help you identify the area you spend more.


Screen Shots
Just Unzip the file to a directory and double click the Money.exe file.  (Better to create a shortcut for this file on Desktop)
File --> New Account:
    This is used to create a new account or month. Give a name in the popup box. eg(Jan03)
    and click OK. This should create a file with that name under the directory from where this
    software is run.

File --> Open :
    Opens an existing file and displays it.

File --> Exit :
    As usual, to quit the program.

Delete Record :
    To remove a record from the file. Can be used to remove any improperly entered records.

Summary :
    Sum up all the Categories.  Will popup a window with total expense on each category.

NOTE : Use TAB key or Mouse Clicks to navigate between fields.

Additional Feature:
Users can define their Own Category. A sample is included with the Software. Simply edit the
"Category" file in NOTEPAD and enter each Category you wish in a separate line. Please DO
NOT Change the Filename or the directory in which it exists.

Hope, You will enjoy using this software and would be of help.

Known Issue
This does not work from outside of its directory on Windows XP.
This seems to work only if run within its directory I do not know
if this works on other Windows version. Will try to fix
this at the earliest. Sorry for any inconvenience
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